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I can highly recommend this company and their gardeners. Whenever I've been in need, they've always been on hand to do a top job.

  • S. Buffet

I always recommend GardenersKensington to anyone requiring gardeners as they have never let me down and continue to provide a great service.

  • Sherry Barton

I have never had anything but exceptional service from the gardeners at Kensington Garden Designers. They always do their jobs extremely well and are quite cost-effective.

  • Jennifer Thomas

When spring arrived, I was in desperate need of lawn care but way too busy. Thankfully, Kensington Garden Clearance came to the rescue.

  • F. Molsey

As a real estate agent, I often have to suggest landscaping to increase a home's curb appeal. Since owners are looking to vacate a home, they usually aren't interested in spending much on such projects. I always recommend Kensington Garden Clearance. They do very good work and their prices are very affordable.

  • Susanne C.

We hire Lawn Maintenance Kensington to help keep our grounds looking neat and tidy for our customers, and we are constantly being told how great our plants and flowers look, it's just a shame we can't take the credit for their hard work.

  • T. Bowell

My garden was full of annoying insects and pests. It was difficult to maintain the plants and I needed help from a professional firm. I learned about Kensington Garden Designers and decided to hire their services to clear out my garden. The professionals helped to get rid of all the pests and insects. Now my garden looks fabulous with beautiful flowers and lush green foliage. I thanked them for their hard work and dedication. I'm looking forward to working with them in the future for landscaping our garden. Thank you team!

  • Roger T.

I want to express my thanks for the incredible gardening service I received from Lawn Maintenance Kensington. Without you guys, my garden would still be looking like a jungle and not a beautiful oasis like now!

  • B. Talbot

From hedge cutting to grass cutting, Kensington Garden Clearance are the go-to guys that I always call! They provide all the help I need to keep my garden in tip-top shape and never let me down on timing or pricing!

  • Daniel Woffingdon

The garden clearance service from Kensington Landscape Designers was exactly what I needed and more. I needed to clear my garden but I didn't have a huge budget to spend. This service was cheap and cheerful, and I was very happy to see that no rubbish was left behind at all. Money was well-spent here as disposal was included in the price! Try this company for a mess-free garden.

  • Grace Anderson

Kensington Landscape Designers have been very helpful with my lawn care. They have done the work necessary to keep my patch of grass healthy, something I don't think I could have done myself. They have taken very step to ensure my lawn is flourishing and looks great.

  • L. Oldfield

Working with Lawn Maintenance Kensington makes my gardening tasks simple. Now, whenever I need help with my gardening I simply get on the phone and call them up because I know that it is far more cost effective to call them up and have them come out to me than me doing the job myself. I highly recommend them!

  • Woodrow Kelley

I am over the moon with the gardening service I used from Lawn Maintenance Kensington when I was ill and off work. My mum had used them on several occasions for hedge trimming, but I used the gardeners for all sorts of work in the garden. The gardeners are reliable and complete every task I have for them. From grass cutting, planting and weeding they will help with all tasks. It is such a useful service and doesn't cost a fortune either. The good thing is that the gardeners bring their own equipment and just get on with the work. They are knowledgeable and give smart advice about lawn care. A useful service thank you!

  • Lee Ford

My garden has been transformed into a neat and tidy condition and it's all thanks to GardenersKensington and their excellent team of workers. All the waste was cleared and gone in no time at all. I really can't speak highly enough of their service!

  • Morgan Wicks

I had never called up a gardening firm for help before but my weed problem was too much for me to handle. I spoke with a few firms but Lawn Maintenance Kensington were who I hired. They assured me that they could deliver thorough gardening support and I took them up on this. I soon found myself with a couple of top gardeners at my address, taking care of every chore. They made sure no weed remained by the end of the day, so the good look and health of my garden was guaranteed.

  • Susanna Zaleski

We are happy with the work Kensington Garden Designers has done in our garden. The patio cleaning was done with attention to detail. It's perfect, just the way I wanted it to be. I appreciate that your team was punctual and adhered to high standards of gardening service. These hardworking people have a passion for gardening and that makes their work immaculate. We have recommended your services to some of our friends and others who are in search of reliable gardeners.

  • Mrs. Stewart

Getting stuck in doing some gardening work really doesn't fill me with enjoyment. If anything, it actually fills me with dread, which is why I chose to hire the services of Gardeners Kensington when I needed my hedges trimmed and my patio cleaned. I'm glad I made the decision. Their services were affordably priced and the skills and expertise of their gardeners meant that I enjoyed a quality service. Thanks for all the hard work.

  • Maya R.

I was planning on doing my own garden tidy up when my neighbour suggested I call Gardeners Kensington. It was the best suggestion ever because their garden clearance was quick and completely professional. It meant I was able to enjoy my weekend a whole lot more too. What a great value gardening service.

  • Brian

My neighbours have always been in praise of Kensington Landscape Designers's gardening expertise but it was the first time that I approached them for garden clean up. I now know why everyone is in awe of the gardening experts. It's not just their skills and expertise but the team is also very accommodating and willingly incorporates your suggestions for beautifying the garden. The best part is that they work around your schedule and are extremely polite. They are true professionals who not only do an excellent gardening job but also ensure that they do it in excellent turnaround times.

  • Stuart Pitts

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